Candela Gentle Lasers: The Definitive Choice For Effective Hair Removal

face and hands of beautiful womanThere are many laser hair removal systems on the market, but Tropicalaser uses Candela Gentle lasers for their speed, efficiency, and painlessness. The Gentle lasers use cutting edge technology and are of the most powerful lasers designed for hair removal. Despite their power, Gentle lasers are really gentle on pain and they can adapt to any skin tone or type.


Tropicalaser boasts two of the Candela Gentle Lasers – the GentleMAX and the GentleYAG.  The GentleMAX is actually two lasers in one – using the Alex laser for lighter skins, the YAG laser for darker tones.  The GentleYAG, as the name suggests, is a YAG laser suited to skin tones from light brown through to really dark shades.


More Bang, Fewer Bucks

Thanks to the Gentle laser’s larger diameter, more hair can be removed in a single session and fewer sessions overall are needed to completely eliminate hair regrowth. The larger diameter also allows for fewer shots per session, which means less pain for the patient.  Furthermore, the lasers have a built-in cooling system which sprays the skin with a cryogen which cools and numbs the skin an instant before the laser beam reaches it.  Indeed, many describe the sensation of a Gentle laser as more of a discomfort rather than a sharp pain.


Backed By The Pros

GentleMAX and GentleYAG lasers are not just some trendy brand name; the technology in the lasers is endorsed by many reputable sources. High-profile gurus like those on Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray & The Doctors all support and approve of the Candela GentleMAX and GentleYAG laser hair removal system. Candela has an excellent reputation in the dermatology field and the technology supports this with a long track record of happy patients. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to consult with the professionals at Tropicalaser or ask your own physician.


Try It Out!

Come into Tropicalaser for a hair removal treatment and try for yourself just how gentle our GentleMAX and GentleYAG lasers can be. Our professionals will use their expertise to calibrate the laser system for your specific needs. Looking to lose the unibrow? Want a tighter hairline? Need to be smooth for summer? No matter you skin tone, type or condition—Tropicalaser will get results thanks to our GentleMAX and GentleYAG lasers!