SPRING MANSCAPING: Laser Hair Removal for Men

hairy male in need of laser hair removalSummer is almost here and we are all busy prepping our homes and yards, packing away heavy clothes and linens… and maybe even hitting the gym for beach season! While many women plan hair removal as part of this “spring cleaning,” it is becoming more and more popular among men as well. If you are curious about laser hair removal for your manscape, contact Tropicalaser and set up a consultation– we can customize a plan to achieve the look you desire. Read on for a summary of treatments and what to expect at your first appointment.


Extremely common and absolutely safe, hair is removed by highly focused light particles entering and destroying pigment cells in your follicles. Treatments are precise and brief. Laser hair removal can also become permanent after just a few regular sessions. Prepare by stopping any waxing or plucking the area for one to two months prior to the session– the process must target roots of existing hair. Areas of the body respond to laser hair removal differently, so consult the types below and your Tropicalaser health professional when scheduling your first session.


Hair removal for men isn’t just about hairless chests– in fact, with more men keeping a beard or hairy chest these days, male hair removal is predominantly used to detail and tidy up a man’s look.

These areas are all prime candidates for laser treatment that can often result in permanent hair reduction with regular sessions:

  • Unibrows
  • Patchy facial hair
  • Wisps around the hairline and neck

Add a subtle refinement to your appearance today with an appointment at Tropicalaser.


Laser treatment is just as effective for men who require a much wider scope when it comes to hair removal. Denser, coarser hair does require more regular sessions to see permanent hair reduction– but there is no treatment with a higher success rate against stubborn hair than laser hair removal. Additionally, many men reduce the amount or length of sessions to achieve a more thinned out appearance instead of going totally hairless. This can work wonder for:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Buttock
  • Any large area where you want the hair permanently thinned or removed

Waxing and shaving are arduous processes that often leave the skin irritated and itchy for days. Laser hair removal is nearly pain-free and there is very little recovery time– any redness or sensitivity generally subsides within hours.

In our age of convenience and high-definition, we all get to take a little closer look at ourselves– for men more so now than ever. Taking care of one’s appearance is now tied to manliness and masculinity as well, so much that media looks for words like ‘manscaping’ and ‘metro’ to define it. The truth is, we’re all entitled to look and feel the way we want.

If you have unwanted hair that causes you discomfort or embarrassment, contact Tropicalaser to book your first laser hair removal session and take your first step towards permanent hair reduction.