Laser Hair Removal & Permanent Hair Reduction

woman checking armpit for stubbleAs anyone who has ever swept a floor or cleaned a bathroom can tell you: hair is always falling out. Our bodies cycle through a system of renewal by shedding old hair to make way for new growth. Laser hair removal interrupts this system, essentially destroying the hair at the root. Regular sessions are required for continued hairlessness, due to a number of factors explained below. Consult with our professionals at Tropicalaser and read on to learn more about laser hair removal and its relationship with hair’s growth cycle.


At any given instance, the hair growing on an area of the skin represents about only a 20 – 35% of the follicles that are actually present. The unseen follicles are in a ‘resting’ phase of growth and remain unaffected when the area is treated with lasers. When they transition into a ‘growing’ phase after the session, it may appear that the laser treatment did not work. This is why one appointment is not enough to achieve permanent hair reduction, so all our clients receive tailored treatment schedules to ensure success.


If you follow Tropicalaser’s manageable laser hair removal schedule, you will usually see permanent hair reduction in about eight sessions. Depending on the the colour of the hair and skin, and the actual area being treatment, more or less appointments may be required. A successful treatment schedule will result in little to no hair present in the area– and any hair that does regrow is usually lighter and finer than before. One or two ‘touch-up’ sessions are often recommended to maintain and limit any missed or resilient follicles.

While laser treatment is the most successful hair removal process available, it is important to know how to achieve the best results. Contact us at Tropicalaser to ensure you receive the best and most effective care for your skin and hair type. We will work with you to customize a treatment plan and schedule that will give you the results that you desire.

If you want permanent hair reduction in one or more areas of your body, the answer is simple: regular laser hair removal treatments at Tropicalaser.