Tropicalaser: Your one-stop pre-wedding shop

Tropicalaser: Your one-stop pre-wedding shop

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Skin Care Experts in Edmonton

It’s summer. And summer means weddings. Whether you’re tying the knot, standing in the bridal party, or wanting to look your best in the photo booth, visit Tropicalaser for any and all of the many wedding prep services that we offer.

Hair Removal

We all have that unwanted hair and sometimes that’s are all we can think of when the cameras come out. Save yourself the worry with our laser hair removal services. After just a few sessions you’ll be hair-free and care-free on your special day. Bride with a shorter dress? Eliminate leg stubble completely! Hairy groom? Make sure your bride-to-be doesn’t say her vows staring at your unibrow! Beach wedding? Take care of back hair or the bikini line for good! Consult us at Tropicalaser and we’ll find the laser hair removal treatment to suit your needs.

Body Sculpting

Bridal bootcamps and juicing are all the rage these days. But sometimes, no matter how many crunches you do or how many stairs you climb, you just can’t seem to trim the last of the fat. Brides and bridesmaids: consider Tropicalaser’s Cavi-Lipo treatments to lessen the bulge caused by a dress strap that is just a little too tight. Grooms and groomsmen: bought a slim-cut tuxedo, but the bachelor trip didn’t do you any favours? Tropicalaser’s bodysculpting process will help shrink that beer gut and will have you filling out that tux like James Bond.


Tropicalaser’s Oxygeneo-brand facial is the most gentle and convenient process on the market. Oxygeneo facials offer instant results without causing any redness or adverse reactions. The system is so efficient that there is zero downtime between your facial and the rest of your wedding preparations. So choose Tropicalaser and Oxygeneo for a stress-free facial that will refresh and brighten your skin safely and quickly.

Lash Lift

Don’t mess with finicky lash curlers, get a lash lift at Tropicalaser for a brighter, wide-awake look that lasts all day. No curler can compare to the stunning movie-star look of a professional lash lift.

These are just a few of the services we offer here at Tropicalaser. Set up a consultation with us, whether you are planning the wedding of the season or you are attending every wedding this season. Tropicalaser will work with you to meet all of your needs.