5 myths about stretch marks

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If you have stretch marks you’re not alone! Stretch marks are not an uncommon occurrence, mostly because there isn’t just one thing that causes them. There are a lot of misconceptions around what stretch marks are, what causes them, and how they can be treated. Join Tropicalaser for a stretch mark myth busting adventure!

Myth 1: Stretch marks are the result of your skin stretching and tearing

Believe it or not, stretch marks have nothing to do with your skin “stretching”. Stretch marks usually develop due to constant pressure on the skin during times of rapid stretching (such as pregnancy, puberty, or weight gain). Your skin is very resilient and normally has no problem handling this stretching, but when it is coupled with hormonal changes, these can cause the collagen fibres in the skin to break. When collagen breaks, its leads to small tears on the dermal layer of your skin that then develop into stretch marks.

Myth 2: Skinny people don’t get stretch marks

No matter your size, you are still susceptible to stretch marks. Rapid weight gain or loss isn’t the only way to get stretch marks. Another common cause of stretch marks is rapid growth spurts and puberty. Because hormones cause stretch marks, not just stretching of the skin, people of all shapes and sizes – as long as they have hormones—can get stretch marks.

Myth 3: Losing weight will erase your stretch marks

Even though weight gain may have been the event that caused your stretch marks, losing weight does not mean that the marks will go away. Because stretch marks are scars on your dermis layer, they tend to stick around. While toning exercises can help to tighten your skin, they cannot prevent or remove stretch marks.

Myth 4: Only women get stretch marks

While the collagen fibers are denser in men’s skin compared to women’s, it does not mean they are exempt from developing stretch marks. Again, it’s important to remember that it is not just the act of weight gain/loss, pregnancy or growth spurts that causes stretch marks, but the hormonal changes that accompany these events. So, because men have hormones, they to can develop stretch marks. Weight gain doesn’t necessarily mean fat gain either, which is why many men who experience muscle weight gain will sometimes see stretch marks appear.

Myth 5: Drinking water prevents stretch marks

Drinking the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day will definitely have beneficial effects on your skin. It helps to flush toxins out, keeps your skin supple, and can even help improve elasticity. However, drinking water (no matter how much), is not enough to prevent stretch marks from appearing – especially if you are genetically predisposed to them.

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