How To Get Laser Hair Removal On A Budget

Imagine the freedom of not having to worry about shaving or waxing. Imagine the extra time you will save without your daily or weekly shaving routine. Having effortless silky skin and being freed from the pain of ingrown hair!

While this may sound like a dream, at Tropicalaser, we make this possible through the procedure of laser hair removal. Unfortunately, many people find the idea of permanent hair removal intimidating due to its high cost.

Typically laser hair removal costs between $140 to $400 (plus GST) per month depending on how quickly you want to become hair-free. If you are looking to keep the cost of getting this procedure done on the lower side, Tropicalaser has put together a list of tips to show you how to get laser hair removal on a budget.

1. Understand if the procedure is right for you.
Make your appointment to meet with a Tropicalaser specialist to see if laser hair removal is right for you. You will spend about thirty to forty-five minutes with us discussing how the laser procedure works, how frequently you will be visiting us, what the pre and post-treatment protocols are like, and generally speaking finding out what to expect. Before leaving, we will do a quick three pulse patch test to check if you have an extremely rare adverse reaction to the laser.

2. Choose where you want the procedure done.
Pick out six body parts you would like treated. We have a convenient body chart available for quick reference. If you’d like to select more than six body parts, you can. We will adjust our quote for you and ensure you still receive the single most effective and affordable solution available in Edmonton.

3. Pick out a budget and schedule that works for you.
When you choose us for your laser hair removal procedure, you will need to pick from our various monthly memberships:

a. Twenty-four-month membership where you pay $140 per month for twenty-four months, and we treat two body parts each month. 
b. Sixteen-month membership where you pay $205 per month for sixteen months, and we treat three body parts each month. 
c. Twelve-month membership where you pay $270 per month for twelve months, and we treat all six body parts every month.
d. Eight-month membership where you pay $400 per month for eight months, and we treat all six body parts every month.

4. Maintain a regular schedule.
Try to maintain a monthly schedule as far as possible to achieve your goals within the membership timeframe. However, don’t be concerned about losing treatments if you fall behind. We track your progress, and we give you ample time to fit in the eight treatments promised.

5. Give it time.
Be patient during the course of your hair removal treatment because you are embarking on a process – not a quick fix. Also, make sure you adhere to our pre and post-treatment protocols for great results. 

To book your first appointment with Tropicalaser and start the journey to a hair-free body, give us a call at (780) 705-6370.

We are experts in laser hair removal and advanced skin treatments in Edmonton, AB. We use superior-quality equipment approved by the FDA to ensure your safety during each procedure. We also map your goals and the steps to achieve them effectively at our treatment center and your home. Similarly, we offer treatment programs that are flexible and affordable based on your needs and budget.

To learn more about our services, please click here or get in touch with us here!

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