Introducing FlexSure – the most innovative body contouring treatment available at Tropicalaser

In this modern era of social media, body positivity and inclusivity, people have various options to pursue an individualized aesthetic ideal. But while cosmetic procedures are an ever-expanding industry, putting your body through the trauma of going under a knife is slowly falling out of favor. With modern high-tech options becoming more affordable and accessible, cosmetic enhancements no longer hold the stigma they once did. The experts at Tropicalaser want you to know about one such minimally invasive procedure called FlexSure. FlexSure is such a radio-frequency-based body contouring and cellulite reduction treatment, using flexible applicators that simultaneously firms and debulks to remove stubborn pockets of fat and improve skin laxity. 

While many body contouring treatments are restricted to people with BMI’s less than thirty, FlexSure has no such limitation. We can safely use the treatments on all skin types and body shapes. Slender people with stubborn pockets of fat may be interested in the treatment. People with more significant debulking needs will also benefit from treatment. The advantage of FlexSure over, for example, another product called CoolSculpting, is that by heating the skin, skin laxity is improved during the debulking process. By using sensory confusion, the FlexSure allows us to reach treatment temperatures of up to 44C comfortably. Any temperature above 39C will result in skin tightening, improving skin laxity. Temperatures over 42C cause fat to “melt,” moving the fat into the lymphatic drainage system from where it can be excreted. By reaching temperatures of 44C (previously unattainable comfortably), the fat melts much quicker and more efficiently, and some apoptosis (fat cell destruction) may occur.

This treatment has very few contra-indications. People who have compromised immune systems, metal implants (like a pacemaker), or an inability to sense heat should not be treated. We strongly recommend the following pre-treatment, and post-treatment protocols be followed: 

1. Arrive for your appointment well hydrated. We recommend drinking a cup of water per waking hour for the day before treatment. 
2. Post-treatment, remain active (take a brisk walk, work-out, etc.).
3. Avoid fatty foods for a few days post-treatment. 
4. Continue to drink plenty of water for a few days after treatment.

body contouring treatment before and after
body contouring treatment before and after by Tropicalaser

The FlexSure treatment is very new. The first devices were delivered to Edmonton providers in the fourth quarter of 2020. Tropicalaser was one of the first two medi-spas in Edmonton to offer this novel treatment. There are other RF-based body contouring devices available such as the Venus Legacy and the TempSure Envi. While both of these provide satisfactory treatments, they rarely, if ever, can reach the temperatures attainable with the FlexSure. Another popular alternative is CoolSculpting. The FlexSure provides similar debulking to CoolSculpting with the added benefits of essentially pain-free treatment and simultaneous skin tightening. The manufacturer recommends a treatment price of $500 per session. (Typically, a course of three to five treatments spaced two weeks apart are suggested.) Contact us for introductory and special offers on single and multiple treatments. 

If you are looking for FlexSure and other such body enhancement treatments, reach out to us at (780) 705-6370 or email us at From your first consultation, we will work with you to map out your goals and the processes and steps required to get there. We diligently price out your treatments, so you know what to expect with no surprises, just the best value for your money. At Tropicalaser, we offer a broad range of professional skin treatments that include laser hair removal, skin tightening, body sculpting, cellulite reduction, micro-needling, and OxyGeneo Facials. To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. To get in touch with us, please contact us here

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