Hair Loss Treatment

Looking to regain some of your lost hair?

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Get fuller thicker hair with laser hair loss treatment

Low level laser treatment stimulates hair follicles to promote regrowth & rejuvenation Specially formulated shampoos & products boost hair growth between treatments
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Low cost option

Customized treatment plans starting as low as $3.50/day

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Effective results

Non-invasive, non-surgical laser treatment - means no downtime

Hair Loss/Restoration Treatment Edmonton

If you’re looking for a hair loss/restoration treatment that actually works, you’ve come to the right place. At our clinic, we offer a variety of treatment options that can help you regrow your hair and restore your confidence.

Whether you’re suffering from male pattern baldness, Alopecia, or any other type of hair loss, we can help. We offer a number of nonsurgical treatment options, so you can choose the hair restoration treatment that’s right for you.

Our experienced team of hair loss specialists will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that fits your unique needs. We use the latest techniques and technologies to give you the best results possible (ie. Restim+, XcellarisPro, and many more).

If you’re ready to take control of your hair loss and get your life back, we’re here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you regain your confidence and achieve your hair goals.

Tropicalaser’s non-surgical, laser treatment option works by delivering therapeutic low level laser light directly to the scalp, stimulating hair growth. Between in office or at home laser sessions, specially formulated shampoos & hair care products boost the benefits of your hair loss treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tropicalaser is a member of the HLCC network offering customized solutions based on over 25 years experience in the treatment of hair loss. Treatment will involve specially formulated products for good scalp hygiene, good hair nutrition, and inhibiting DHT (the most common cause of hair loss), usually in combination with laser treatment – either at home or in clinic.

During your free consultation with a Tropicalaser specialist, we will develop a program that suits your hair loss needs as well as your lifestyle and budget.

Tropicalaser is proud to be a member of the HLCC network of hair loss treatment centres. The Hair Loss Control Clinic (HLCC®) is the Global Leader in Laser Hair Loss Treatment and has been successfully treating hair loss in women & men for over 25 years, using Low Level Lasers as part of that treatment for some 20 years. HLCC® is now in over 175 locations in more than 30 countries around the world, providing unmatched experience and clinically proven success. Tropicalaser is the first and only company in Edmonton to offer HLCC®'s multi-therapeutic treatment, combining premium hair loss products with laser treatment to deliver a highly effective treatment for hair loss.

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