Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal in Edmonton

Tropicalaser provides professional laser hair removal treatment in Edmonton, AB.

Laser hair removal applies precisely controlled pulses of energy to the hair follicles that lie beneath the skin.

The energy heats the hair, right down to the bottom of the root, destroying it without damaging surrounding tissue or skin.

At Tropicalaser we use the Candela GentleLase range of lasers which are recognised as being best in class and have been featured several times on Dr. Oz. We have both Alex and YAG lasers which provide safe, effective treatment for all skin colours.

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Most people require an average of eight sessions, though this can fluctuate based on the amount and thickness of hair as well as on skin colour. Although we usually achieve permanent hair reduction in the 80 – 95% range, present day laser technology does not allow for 100% clearance. Each client is unique! Prices and number of sessions vary from person to person. Call or drop by for our best price.


* Please note, results may vary from patient to patient and results are not guaranteed. Free consultation is required to assess client requirements.

How does laser hair removal work?

Lasers are attracted to darker pigment. The laser light will target hair - which is generally darker than the surrounding skin - travel down the shaft of hair to the root where its energy is dispersed as thermal energy (heat). If that particular hair follicle is in the anagen phase, the laser energy destroys the tiny blood vessel feeding the hair, preventing regrowth.

How many hair removal sessions are needed?

Hair must be in the active growing phase (Anagen) for treatment to be effective. This is when the hair is still attached to the base of the hair follicle, allowing destruction of the blood supply. The percentage of hair is the Anagen phase varies from place to place on the body (from a high of about 85% in head hair to a low of about 20% for legs). Also, it can take up to 26 weeks for hair to cycle through the phases. Therefore multiple treatments are required to catch all the hair in the Anagen phase. Eight treatments or less will be adequate for most people. This does vary depending on skin type (darker skins may take a couple more sessions), age, and other factors.

Can I have hair removed from everywhere on my body?

Almost everywhere! We can laser you from top to toe with the exception of nostrils, inside the ear, and within the orbital rim (eye socket). We cannot shape eyebrows but are happy to remove your unibrow for you & take care of other facial hair removal.

I have in-growing hairs. Can I be have laser hair removal?

Absolutely. In fact laser hair removal is often recommended as a way of eliminating this painful and unsightly problem.

I have very dark skin. Can I be treated?

Our lasers provide safe and effective treatment for all skin colours. We use the GentleMax which is actually a dual laser using an Alex laser (755 nm) for lighter skins and a YAG laser (1064 nm) for darker skins.

I have blonde/white/grey/red hair. Will laser hair removal work for me?

Laser hair removal requires the presence of pigment for the laser to target. Unfortunately, this means it is not effective on blonde, grey, white, or pale red coloured hair. It is effective on dark red hair.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

On average 80-95% of lasered hair is permanently gone after a recommended course of treatments, whereas when you wax, pluck or shave, the hair always grows back. With laser hair removal you need never wax or shave again!

How does laser removal compare to waxing?

Laser hair removal is a long-term hair removal solution, whereas waxing and shaving must be repeated regularly to control regrowth. Laser hair removal actually damages each hair follicle, causing it to stop growing altogether.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Our lasers include a spray liquid which subcools the skin before the laser hits it. This reduces the heat experienced by the body to a level that most people find very tolerable. Topical anaesthetics and/or icepacks can be used on more sensitive areas.

Does laser hair removal work for men?

Because laser hair removal is safe, quick, and comfortable, it’s ideal for use on large areas of the body, making it particularly suitable men seeking to remove chest, shoulder and back hair.

What about side effects?

The energies used (electrical and light) are both commonly used in a range of medical and cosmetic procedures that have proven to be safe. Most people experience no side effects at all, though few exhibit some short-term reddening of the treated skin. A full list of potential side effects will be provided to you during your consultation. You can return to your regular activities immediately after treatment, although it is advisable to keep the skin protected from exposure to direct sunlight for a short period of time and to avoid high physical exertion immediately after treatment.

Is it expensive?

Most people can justify the cost in just a couple of years of buying razors, shaving cream, waxing, etc. – not to mention the value of the time you will ultimately save. Prices and number of sessions vary from person to person. Call or drop by for our best price.

We have served clients from all over Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, Leduc, Nisku, and Fort McMurray.

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