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Most of us are accustomed to visiting our hairstylists regularly as we can fit our hair care into our budget. However, very few of us have a budget line item for skin care treatments. Skincare should not be neglected because the harm we do today may not reflect until weeks, months, or even years later. We need to care for our skin with great products and quality treatments on a regular and consistent basis.

Unfortunately, the reason we don’t prioritize skincare is that skin care treatments can be expensive. By subscribing to the Tropicalaser Spa Skin Care Membership, you have access to a variety of skin care programs at extraordinarily affordable prices. The primary purpose of our Spa Skin Care Membership is to provide members access to our skincare treatments within a reasonable budget.

Making the most of Tropicalaser Spa Skin Care Membership
When signing up for our membership, the first thing you should do is speak with your skincare expert to map out a suitable treatment plan for you. You’ll also need to develop a skin care product regimen. At the same time, take note that your skin’s responses are highly individual, which means that your skincare plan may be adapted with time, and we assess your progress along the way. 

If you’re worried about these different treatment costs, you don’t need to be when you have a membership program. The Tropicalaser Spa Skin Care Membership provides you access to our Alumier medical-grade skincare line at heavily discounted prices. That means, irrespective of your treatment plan, you are entitled to affordable prices.

For the best results from our services, make sure you:

a. Follow the plan prescribed and report back to your Tropicalaser professional on how you and your skin responded to the last treatment. Your feedback will form the path forward.

b. Use a good, medical-grade skincare product line between treatments. Although we stock, and personally use, Alumier products, we do not compel you to use our line. However, our 20% everyday discount on these products will allow you to try out our line in a super affordable fashion!

c. Take advantage of our low prices to upgrade your treatment plan to include treatment of your neck. Neglected skincare of delicate neck areas is such a common problem – and at Tropicalaser, we recognize this and make including your neck a reasonable option.

d. Be a little daring. Don’t stick to a single treatment as all of our treatments are available on your membership plan, and our more expensive treatments are made affordable for you.

e. Occasionally combine treatments for a super-charged result just before an important event or function.

f. Use our “gift a friend” treatment option to treat your mom or a friend to a little pampering to make them feel special.

What is included in the Tropicalaser Spa Skin Care Membership?
There are no skin care treatments that offer a once and for all solution. Our skin is, sadly, continuously aging, but by following a strategic skincare plan, you can stimulate your skin to repair itself. At Tropicalaser, we offer many beautiful, non-invasive, minimum downtime treatments. And, they are all available to you under our Spa Skin Care Membership. You can test out all our treatments, including OxyGeneo (exfoliating, oxygen infusing) facials, gentle and extremely effective Alumier chemical peels, Diamond microdermabrasion, TempSure Envi radiofrequency lifting and tightening facials, and Dermaroller(R) microneedling (the first Health Canada approved microneedling treatment).

Given the broad range of treatment options we provide, it can be a little overwhelming to make a choice. If you don’t know where to start, we are there to help. Talk to our skin care professional to discuss your options and what each treatment can do for you.

When your Tropicalaser professional maps out a product suite for you, don’t think you need to buy everything all at once. We recognize that budget constraints are real, and that’s why we developed the Spa Skin Care Membership program in the first place. Start with the basics (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) and then add specialty serums later. If you’re wondering why we don’t include sunscreen as a basic, it’s because you receive a full-sized sunscreen at sign-up!!

After every treatment, we book you in for your next session. That way, you will be sure to maximize the benefits of your membership.

To book a free consultation with Tropicalaser today, give us a call at 780-705-6370. You can also call us on this number to learn about the details of our membership plan.

Tropicalaser specializes in laser hair removal and advanced skin treatments in Edmonton, AB. As highly trained and experienced skin technicians, we can help you find the best maintenance and age reversal plan for your skin and hair. We use superior-quality equipment approved by the FDA to ensure your safety during each procedure. We also offer treatment programs that are flexible and convenient, based on your needs.

For a complete list of our services, please click here. If you have questions about our spa skin care membership or your skin treatment needs, feel free to contact us by clicking here.

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