Top ten reasons not to get laser hair removal

  1. Back hair is beautiful!
  2. You really enjoy shaving. This is part of your daily routine that you look forward to with anticipation. You relish the exquisite pain of applying deodorant to freshly shaven armpits. You love the sight of razor bumps. You delight in purchasing razor blades month – after month – after month…. And frankly – what else would you do with that spare time.
  3. Waxing is your thing! You’ve developed a great relationship with your waxing service provider and just love the afterburn of a good waxing.
  4. You’ve watched too many bad movies showing people dashing to the restaurant washroom for a quick shave when a first date is going really well and realise that a little extra grooming is required.
  5. You always wanted to be the bride with the braided armpits.
  6. Plucking stray hairs from your bikini line on the beach does not make you at all uncomfortable. After all, we all have hair so a little extra on display should not be cause for embarrassment.
  7. A little stubbliness never bothered anyone. We all love to cuddle prickly pears.
  8. You’ve always wanted to post a selfie on Instagram with the hashtag “lovethehaironmybody”.
  9. Your life is so well planned that you are never caught unshaved before any of life’s minor (shopping) or major events (last minute invite to the Governor General’s Ball).
  10. You truly believe that extra coat of hair on your chest and abs disguises the extra pounds you are carrying.


  1. 87% of woman surveyed say they are grossed out by men’s back hair. At Tropicalaser, we believe that this demonstrates that 13% of women will lie about anything. Interesting aside: Nobody’s ever bothered to ask men what they think of women’s back hair ….
  2. Although most people do laser because of the convenience and care-freeness of the hair-free life, there is an economic case to be made for laser hair removal. In the medium to long term, it’s actually cheaper to do laser than to shave or wax.
  3. See our answer to number 2 above.
  4. Have you taken a good look at dry-shaved skin and/or skin shaved with a disposable razor? Not pretty, not smooth and definitely not sexy.
  5. Braided armpits….It’s a thing – we believe – no really…
  6. Truth is, those stray hairs are the single most annoying beach event, after sand in your bathing suit.
  7. Many of us have really considerate, lovely, thoughtful partners who know that too much bodily hair is not pretty – so they shave. And we just don’t know how to tell them that unless they want to shave daily, we would almost prefer to live with the hairiness, because they do become prickly quickly, which is no fun at all.
  8. #Tropicalasercanhelp
  9. And unicorns are real too.
  10. Spoiler alert – it doesn’t.


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