oxygeno oxygen facial treatmetnTropicalaser provides a non-laser skin treatment. OxyGeneo™ is an innovative technology for skin exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells from the skin surface), improving skin oxygen levels, and the infusion of valuable products to enrich the skin. The simultaneous skin exfoliation along with skin oxygenation optimizes the absorption of the valuable components in the nutrient-rich gels into the skin.

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The OxyGeneo™ system offers two specialized formulas to treat your specific skin concerns:

  1. NeoBright Formula – Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid & Retinol work together to even pigmentation, reduce sun damage, and brighten the complexion
  2. NeoRevive Formula – Hyluronic Acid, Peptides & Reninol combine to reduce wrinkles, repair skin, and renew collegen production

After the OxyGeneo™ treatment the skin is rich with oxygen and nutrients of the gels; it will look smooth, soft, shiny and radiant. The skin feels fresh, soft and active.

* Please note, results may vary from patient to patient and results are not guaranteed. Free consultation is required to assess client requirements.

  • How does the OxyGeneo™ oxygenate my skin?
    OxyGeneo™ capitalizes on the Bohr Effect that was discovered by Christian Bohr in 1904. The effect indicates that when the CO2 (carbon dioxide) concentration increases, the hemoglobin releases oxygen from within. The OxyGeneo™ interaction between the capsule and the treatment gel creates an abundance of CO2 on the skin that triggers the release of oxygen that oxygenates the skin naturally. Oxygenating the skin is beneficial in all anti-aging and corrective skin procedures.
  • How does the OxyGeneo™ feel?
    An OxyGeneo™ treatment feels like a massage for the face. The exfoliation is described as very refreshing and comfortable and, because there is no vacuum procedure (like with other facial devices) the overall treatment is more soothing and relaxing. Many clients fall asleep and wake feeling rested and rejuvenated. More sensitive skin type clients may have a warm sensation on the skin during the first part of the treatment.
  • How does OxyGeneo™ compare to Microdermabrasion?

    OxyGeneo™ exfoliates on wet skin (rather than dry) which makes the treatment easy and pleasant with no skin irritation.
    OxyGeneo™ does NOT use any vacuum that may cause vascular lesions or damage the skin.
    There are no hygienic or infection concerns as the capsule that touches the skin and does the exfoliation is disposable. A new capsule is used with every client
    OxyGeneo™  uses a large area capsule: not only does it make the treatment faster but also more enjoyable.
    OxyGeneo oxygenates and infuses ingredients to the skin while microdermabrasion just sands or scrubs it. It delivers and infuses the skin with the ingredients of the treatment gels: hyaluronic acid, azelaic acid etc.
    Although some spas will add product at the end of the treatment in the way of a mask etc., results are inconstant as some products used are better than others. Product freshness and sterilization can vary greatly from spa to spa. The Geneo infuses enriched product with full anti-aging benefits. These ingredients are ALWAYS fresh as each treatment gel is vacuum sealed and new for each client providing optimum product freshness.
    The treatment is very quiet without the irritating noise of the vacuum pump.
    As microdermabrasion can be irritating. It is common for a user to experience break outs 4 days post treatment. This is largely due to irritation which causes swelling of the skin and an anaerobic environment develops allowing bacteria to flourish. The OxyGeneo™ provides superior exfoliation with little irritation thus subsequent breakouts are rare.

  • Can I have an OxyGeneo™ treatment if I have acne?
    Yes. Because the exfoliation isn’t irritating and because the OxyGeneo™ is a non-vacuum device, you can treat areas of the face affected by simple acne. Consult with your technician about your specific skin concerns.
  • How frequent can I have OxyGeneo™ treatment
    To treat skin issues such as sun damage or acne, once a week treatments are recommended. Scheduling an OxyGeneo™ treatment once a month to treat the skin is the perfect long term anti-aging maintenance program. Your skin care specialist will set you up with a schedule that best suits your needs.
  • Can I have OxyGeneo™ treatment to look better before an event?
    Yes! The OxyGeneo™ treatment has no downtime and the skin looks and feels great right after the treatment. If you have an upcoming event, schedule your OxyGeneo™ treatment on the same day or a day before and the effect will be well visible during the event.
  • What is better for me, the NeoBright™ Gel or NeoRevive™ Gel?
    This depends on your skin type and skin condition. Your practitioner will recommend the best gel for you. If you have pigmented lesions (dark spots) or dark skin, the NeoBright™ could be the right choice for you. If you want to improve the overall appearance of the skin and reduce pores, the NeoRevive™ might be better. Your best resource is your professional practitioner who has been well trained to use the technology.
  • What is the difference between the OxyGeneo™ and infusion technologies that use vacuum?
    There is a significant difference between the OxyGeneo™ system and other technologies.

    The oxygenation process causes enriched blood to come to the surface of the skin all over the face, not just where the small vacuum tip is applied as with other technologies. This enriched blood is the transport system of the skin cells.
    The product is applied to the entire face and worked into the exfoliated skin for a prolonged period of time. The product has plenty of time to be absorbed over the entire face where the enriched blood carries it off to feed cells and provided the wanted benefits.
    Previous Dermal Infusion technologies had to work with a watered down product so that product would flow, and wouldn’t obstruct the tubes. The OxyGeneo™ products are enriched with hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants etc. and can be produced in optimum concentration as it is applied directly to the skin.

    To summarize: the OxyGeneo™ treats the entire face over the entire treatment time. Watery infusion technologies exfoliate using vacuum (not good for capillaries) can only treat a small area at a time (the size of the end of the tube) and the product is simply whisked across the skin which doesn’t give enough time to truly be absorbed.