At Tropicalaser we offer a vast array of skin rejuvenation treatments.

Skin Treatment

We have a number of highly effective treatments for a wide range of skin concerns including:

We like to conduct a thorough evaluation of your skin during an approximately half hour consultation to establish what the best course of treatment is for your particular needs. Our recommendation may cover more than one treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.

Fine lines and wrinkles

Possible treatment options include:

Skin laxity

Our preferred option for skin tightening is the Venus Legacy.


Possible treatments include:

  • Micro Needling using the Dermaroller – the only Health Canada approved device for this treatment
  • Chemical peel
Stretch marks

Where stretch marks are combined with significant skin laxity, we will usually recommend a course of:

If there is little to no skin laxity, we may move directly to Micro Needling.

Acne scarring

For minor acne scarring we would recommend a course of chemical peels.
For more severe acne scarring we recommend Microneedling using the Dermaroller – the only Health Canada approved device for this treatment

Surgical and other non-keloidal (raised) scars

Our recommended treatment is Micro Needling using the Dermaroller – the only Health Canada approved device for this treatment.

Spider veins

We achieve excellent clearance of spider veins – both facial and body – using our GentleMax laser.

GentleMax Laser

Sunspots before and afterThe GentleMax is a highly effective platform for the removal of pigment (birthmarks, age spots, sun spots, melasma) as well as spider veins.

In spider vein removal, the laser works by sending strong bursts of light into the vein making it slowly fade and disappear. After treatment, blood vessels fade over 2 – 3 months. They may not disappear completely after a single treatment. Side effects may include redness, bruising, itching, swelling and, in rare instances, permanent skin tone changes.
Laser treatments can fade sunspots, also known as solar lentiginosis or age spots, by destroying pigment-producing melanocytes in the skin. Patients typically require several treatment sessions over several weeks or months.

Melasma before and after The mechanism for treating melasma (also known as pregnancy mask) with the laser is similar to that for fading sunspots. Post treatment care of melasma is crucial as melasma is notoriously quick to re-emerge. Any sun exposure in the absence of a sunscreen containing a physical barrier (i.e. titanium or zinc oxide) will almost certainly result in a recurrence of melasma.

Chemical peels

At Tropicalaser we use the Alumier line of chemical peels which range in strength from the gentle Glow Peel through to the more aggressive glycolic and lactic acid peels.

While they may sound harsh or frightening, Chemical Peels are a safe and effective way to reveal younger, healthy looking skin. Tropicalaser’s staff are certified to perform chemical peels by Alumier, a leading brand of professional, medical grade skin care treatments and products. Your skin care professional will help you identify your skin type and major concerns, and perform the treatments that will be most effective for you. Monthly chemical peels can even skin tone, clear acne, improve the appearance of aging skin and make dull complexions glow.