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Edmontonians can now enjoy hair-free results from Electrolysis Hair Removal – fast, effective, and totally worth it.

The Best in Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Edmonton and its surrounding area have just gotten a lot smoother with Tropicalaser’s Electrolysis permanent Hair Removal In Edmonton! Look your best without having to deal with the hassle of regular waxing or shaving.

The perfect solution to get rid of those unwanted gray, blonde, white, and red hairs that standard hair removal equipment can’t get rid of. 

Experience the ultimate freedom from pesky fuzziness today!

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Have you ever thought about electrolysis permanent hair removal in Edmonton over laser hair treatment as a way to get rid of excessive and unwanted body hair? Electrolysis works best for small areas where some of the lighter-colored hairs tend to appear such as the:
– Face
– Fore-Arms
– Hands
– Feet

The Electrolysis process works by sending low-level currents directly into the hair follicles, stopping further growth. Unlike laser treatments, electrolysis affects any skin type and color making it one of the best options for those with light apple skin or dark olive complexions. It’s no surprise why electrolysis is quickly becoming the go-to choice for long term hair removal – it’s safe, effective, and finally gives you the perfect smooth surface you desire.

* Please note, results may vary from patient to patient and results are not guaranteed. Free consultation is required to assess client requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Give yourself a smooth makeover with electrolysis – the beauty treatment that takes things down to the root. A trained electrologist applies electric current to targeted hair follicles, sending them packing and leaving your skin silky-smooth behind!

With remarkable precision, a skilled electrologist employs the latest technology to whisk away unwelcome hair. A gentle current is delivered through an ultra thin wire pinpointing each unwanted follicle and halting their growth in its tracks. With just one short treatment you’ll have smoother skin free from pesky hairs!
If you’re looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair growth, look no further – electrolysis is your answer! This FDA-approved treatment won’t just give you smooth skin in the short term; it eradicates each and every follicle so that pesky hairs never come back. Let’s face it – if anyone can guarantee goodbye fuzz forever, our electrolysis breakthrough procedure will do the trick!

A quick session can take as little time out of your day as 15 minutes, while more elaborate visits last up to an hour. Make sure you dedicate enough time for feeling extra fabulous!

Laser hair removal requires the presence of pigment for the laser to target. Unfortunately, this means it is not effective on blonde, grey, white, or pale red coloured hair. It is effective on dark red hair.

The number of Electrolysis sessions needed to achieve permanent hair removal differs from person to person. Typically, you need an appointment every week or every other week. The appointments can last from 3 months for up to a year and a half.

Give yourself a smooth makeover with electrolysis – the beauty treatment that takes things down to the root. A trained electrologist applies electric current to targeted hair follicles, sending them packing and leaving your skin silky-smooth behind!

Knowing that your skin might feel a bit itchy after an electrolysis treatment is just part of the healing journey. Although scratching may provide temporary relief, it can lead to nasty infections – think microscopic breaks in your freshly treated skin inviting bacteria from nailbeds for an all-too-cozy slumber party! Avoiding temptation and letting nature do its work will have you feeling much better in no time!

Electrolysis is a safe and effective way to permanently remove unwanted hair; however, it’s important to make sure you entrust this task with the utmost care. Going through certified professionals ensures that your treatment will be performed under optimal conditions – ensuring minimal side effects such as reddening of skin or scarring risk due to unsterile needles. Treat yourself to the best – Get Electrified with certified Tropicalaser!

Every 2 weeks is best practice to ensure electrolysis has the best results!

Well hydrated skin can help the treatment be more effective so we recommend that you drink an ample amount of water in the week prior to your appointment. No deodorants, creams or lotions should be used on the treatment areas on the day of the appointment.

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