My experience at Tropicalaser is amazing. Their professional and very knowledgeable staff make my experience even more wonderful. I can’t say enough good about my experience there. I feel refreshed and beautiful every time I leave. I have seen remarkable improvements in my skin tone and see the lines have diminished. I’m a huge fan!

SSOxyGeneo Facials, Tempsure Face and Body

I had an OxyGeneo facial plus the Tempsure Envi treatment. The technician explained the procedure very well and I knew exactly what to expect. I was able to lay back and relax while the treatment did the magic. My skin definately looked tighter and I enjoyed the glow for many days following. The staff are very knowledgeable and very professional in all aspects. I will definately go back.

BAOxyGeneo Facials, Tempsure Face and Body

I did the full treatment (5 treatments) of Pink Intimate on my buttocks, and the difference in colour is amazing!! The product is formulated to lighten hyperpigmentation and bring the skin back to its natural colour, the treatment is easy and painless and takes about 45-60 mins all together. The staff are super professional and sweet! I would recommend them to anyone! -J.E.

ASPink Intimate