Finally there is an effective, non-invasive treatment for icepick acne scars. Micro-needling is a safe, affordable procedure which is revolutionizing the treatment of many skin blemishes, from fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet to open pores and skin laxity, from stretch marks and surgical scars to hyperpigmentation and cellulite – and, of course, pitted scars caused by conditions like chicken pox and acne.

For those with these disfiguring reminders of the agonies of teenage acne, life can be pretty miserable. Cruel nicknames like “pizza face” and “crater face” are hard to ignore and probably cause emotional scars that are at least as bad as the physical. Facial acne can be disguised to some extent by skillfully applied make-up – an option not usually available to boys however. But a trip to the swimming pool then becomes fraught with problems. Do I just sit around the edge of the pool and try to look cool while everyone else is having fun swimming? Because after all, no make-up is that waterproof! And exposing pitted back skin is always embarrassing.

The good news is that there is a non-invasive treatment that can cause visible improvement in the quality of your skin in as little as a single treatment and have dramatic effects over a course of 3 – 6 treatments.

It may be hard to believe that a procedure as non-invasive as micro-needling is as effective as it in fact can be. (Please note that we say “can be” and NOT “is”. More about this later.) The results of micro-needling speak for themselves as you can see from the before and after photos below.


Various forms of micro-needling have been known and used for a long time. The modern technique was developed by a doctor who noticed that patients who had had permanent makeup applied, frequently manifested improvements to skin texture, including scarring, not anticipated by the procedure but certainly received as a welcome side-effect.

Studies revealed that there was a really simple, indeed elegant, reason for this. When the skin receives any wound, it is programmed to heal itself. If the wound is severe, the repair process is chaotic and disorderly, resulting in possible scarring, hyperpigmentation or other negative effects. However, if the wound is tiny, the repair cascade is orderly and restorative. And this is the exact premise on which micro-needling is based. The needles inflict so-called micro-wounds into the dermis and epidermis, triggering the body to flood the area with collagen building fibroblasts and other restorative agents.


Micro-needling using the Dermaroller® is one of the safest procedures available because:

  • The device is Health Canada approved (the only micro-needling device in current use in Canada with this approval);
  • The Dermaroller uses the optimum number of needles (NO – more is not better);
  • The Dermaroller provides an adjustable needling depth which can be optimized for the area being treated (NO – deeper is not better);
  • Clinics using the Dermaroller are approved and clinicians are trained and certified to use the device safely and effectively;
  • The Dermaroller needles are made of the finest surgical steel, and have the optimum treatment profile which will not tear or damage the skin;
  • Dermaroller needles are sterile and are single use – so there is no possibility of cross contamination between clients.

At Tropicalaser we urge you to use a certified Dermaroller micro-needling provider. This is a case where cheap imitations are not only less effective, but could prove damaging to your skin.

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If you have questions regarding micro-needling, or would like to book a consultation with one of our experts, give the team at Tropicalaser a call. We are always ready to help.

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